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Thursday, March 9, 2017

How one's world gets turned on its head

Well, it seems that life just threw me a new wrinkle. After all the years with Tate Publishing, and their  questionable ethics, it seems that they are now "in transition." They offered no explanation, but said that their aim was to set up something whereby we, who have been Tate authors, were to be provided some sort of assurance that we would be cared for. Hmmm...

What I do know is that they are not publishing anything at all, and have left no phone number to contact them. They have given us statements that we may sign, which, in effect absolves them of any responsibility. I have not chosen to sign such a statement, for the simple reason that they do owe me money as well as rights to upcoming novels. I guess that I'll just have to find out where things are going from here. It might just be that they are planning to sell out, which would be fine as long as the new owners would make good on what I'm owed. But having been something of a cynic when it come to dealing with corporate entities, I'm not holding my breath.

Ah, well! On a brighter note, I do actually have a book signing event set up for March 11th, at the Rogers public library, 711 South Dixieland Road in rogers, from 10 AM till about 5 PM. I plan to sell what I can of the books in my possession, and besides, I'll have some of my photographic enlargements as well to sell. If you would like to see some of what I've got to sell in the way of photos, I've got a couple of examples here.

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