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Friday, June 24, 2016

If at first you forget...

While I'm thinking about what tomorrow means, here are a couple more opportunities to get to know my books (or to get your friends acquainted with my oeuvre). I'm going to be at a couple more book signing type events in the next few weeks. The first of these is at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Rogers, Arkansas (in the shopping center, across from Lowe's) on Saturday, July 9th from about 12 Noon - 5 PM. This will be a great opportunity to get in out of the heat, to come by, to sit and schmooze, and to share what you like or dislike about books, the world at large and for me to just enjoy your very special company.
And the next opportunity is also in Rogers, AR, at the Rogers Public Library ( 711 S Dixieland) on Saturday, July 16th,  from about 10 AM to 4 PM, at their event, called Create-it Con.  This promises to be a rare and fun event for the entire family. If you need any more information you may obtain it online at: any event, I look forward to seeing you at one or both of the events.
Now just a word about what tomorrow brings. It will be the date in which I officially become a SENIOR CITIZEN.  That's right, I can no longer pretend to just be anybody, but I'll have to pretend to be someone who knows something, even if I can't remember what it is. It seems like a good thing that I know today what I may forget tomorrow...

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