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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Abstract vs Concrete

This has been quite a time for me. There have been some dramatic changes at work, which have gotten me thinking about a lot of what is important to me. I won't bore you with details, but these past two weeks have left me feeling emotionally a bit ragged.

And what have I been thinking about? That is difficult to put into words, so I thought that I would use the nonverbal part of my thinking to illustrate. I'll give you an example.
Here is a photo which I took a while ago, while we were in Utah, at Zion National Park. The photo is all right, but what is it a photograph OF? Well, there are trees, rocks, mountains and sky. But it is not actually a photo of anything in particular. Because it is actually a photo which incorporates all the elements into a design, which is truly nonverbal. If you look at the colors, and the design, without thinking of those particulars, then you get what I got, as I looked into the viewfinder, and snapped the picture.

Now here is another example of what I have been doing of late.
This is a painting which I recently finished, and you would definitely not be asking what it is a painting OF. As such, it is purely and simply a design. There may be recognizable elements in the painting, but it would be missing the point to ask what it represents, apart from its color and design. Now, it is of some interest that both the photograph and the painting are somewhat similar in design. But more to the point, how do each make you feel? What is it about the color schemes that draw your eye?

Which brings me around to my original point about thoughts, and to the nonverbal or more abstract ways of thinking. And it often to those deep places in music and space where I retire when the very verbal and structural world around me begins to make little sense.

Just a thought, eh?

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