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Monday, June 11, 2018

A little catching up (for now).

It would appear that I've got a lot to do in terms of catching up!

Going back to when I was actively blogging, a lot has happened in my life. First of all, I do continue to write, and book five (Heir of Drachma, Book Two - Center Game) is progressing toward its conclusion (with book six still "out there"). I have had to to this without a publisher, as mine got himself arrested on charges of fraud, embezzlement and the like. And so, my need of editorial help is still an issue, though not insurmountable. To give you a timetable, it looks as though I'll be done writing Center Game within the next month or so, and then I plan to launch book four (Heir of Drachma, The Healer's Defense), along with Center Game together. This will be within the format of self-publishing.

What happens in book five? Well, a lot - with all the protagonists, antagonists, and sundry players getting into the action. As with the game of chess, the variables increase the complexity in the midgame, and only gradually bring things toward the conclusion (Book Six). So be prepared for a culmination in Center Game, which will be thrilling, yet incomplete. There will be elements of chaos, along with otherworldly intrigue.

Mind you, all of this has been playing out with my own history, which has turned out to be a drama of another sort. Nineteen years ago I underwent Aortic Valve Replacement for a severely leaky Aortic Valve. At that time, it would appear, that I also had mild dilatation of the aortic annulus (the ring of tissue which forms the beginning of the aorta), which was not at that time considered too worrisome. Nineteen years later, it would appear that my aortic root had become an aneurysm (6 Cm in transverse diameter), and now needed surgical intervention.

So a little over 2 weeks ago, I underwent another major open heart procedure. This time, they put in a conduit which contained a new aortic valve, with a sleeve to replace my aortic aneurysm. Next they had to transplant my coronary arteries to the new graft. Somewhere in all of this my sinoatrial node got itself caught up into the swirl, and became nonfunctional, requiring a permanent pacemaker. And now, I'm recovering from all of this, and doing remarkably well (though still a long ways from being back to normal).

So, here I am, weaker, but more determined than ever to finish what I've started. You should be hearing more from me within the next month or so.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Something quite new, and something old...

Tomorrow, September 21st, 2017, I start a new "chapter" in my life. It will be the launch of my original fantasy trilogy (The Book of Drachma, second edition), but it will be as an Indie author.

With Tate publishing now defunct, I have decided to continue with my efforts, under the name of Drachma Publishing. The three books will have the same cover designs that were on the original, and will become available through Amazon, and at a much reduced price compared with Tate. It will be, of course, the same characters, the same story, set across two time periods, the same mystery, and the same fantastical medical twists and turns. So, if you didn't get on the bandwagon with the original series, now will be the time.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

After the arrests...

Well, now what?

After the arrests of my publisher and his son, who were running the Tate publishing enterprise, it would appear as though I've got to find another avenue for my own (four) books to get published. And so, it looks as though self publishing would be the most expeditious venture for me. After all, I've been through the tough part, and now it seems as though there are still those of you out there who still do want to read my books - so for you, mainly, this is just to let you know that I will be publishing again, under the name of Drachma Publishing. As to when we are going to launch, the date has not been set yet, but it should be soon, and I will announce it - here as well as elsewhere.

Now even though Tate Publishing does owe me money (roughly $4000 in goods and services), I have decided not to pursue legal action against them. And besides that my chances of recovering the money seem exceedingly slim. And so, I'll let bygones be forever in the past.

What I am doing is to keep the cover designs on the four published books, and revamping the inside stuff, and you will be able to get (initially) three books, at a fraction of the cost that Tate would have charged, and you can buy them either in paperback or ebook format. And besides that, look for enticing giveaways.

Now what has happened with the whole Hollywood thing? What I did, in conjunction with a producer, was to put together a proposal for a TV show based (somewhat loosely) on my story. It's still out there, and is still a viable entity. However, my suspicion is that it may get more "press" after I launch my new effort. We'll have to see how that all plays out.

Anyway, have a terrific day, and for your enjoyment, I've included a photo from our latest venture to Alaska.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

New (and some unexpected) developments.

If I was thinking that things couldn't get any stranger, I'd be so wrong.

Well, now my "temporarily defunct" publisher has been arrested. Or more precisely Tate's CEO as well as his father have been arrested, and charged with fraud, extortion, racketeering and embezzlement. With eight felony counts and one misdemeanor count against them, the likelihood of their getting out of this one seems remote, and the likelihood of ever seeing any of my money invested in their schemes seems equally unlikely. As I said, it's a really good thing that I still have a day job!

In the meantime, I have reached out to other publishers, and we'll have to see where this might lead. For those of you who have gotten copies of my books, consider yourselves fortunate indeed.

As a completed trilogy, The Book of Drachma (Laminar Flow, Coaptation, Turbulence and Restoration) was a rather satisfying effort. I realize that more could be done with a decent editor, but we'll have to see. And what of the next trilogy? The first volume of Heir of Drachma (The Healer's Defense) is still somewhat available (and, according to those who have read it, they say that it is the best I've written). And I'm still finishing up Center Game as I ponder the future.

Well, now, here's John Wayne for you - not that he plays any role in my books, but he stands out in a crowd, which is what I'll be trying to do in the future of publishing.

And now on a lighter note, my daughter in California has been trying for at least a few years to adopt a child, and now she has gone home with a newborn baby girl. It would seem a bit presumptuous of me to say, but some of the things that happen to us come around by way of our own doings, and others seem to happen as unexpected delights! And here's my daughter 35+ years ago:

Time does fly, doesn't it?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Well, now what...?

As I've been whiling away my time, and still working on book five in the series (Center Game), I just got an email from my temporarily defunct publisher. It seems they have no intention of permanently disappearing into the dust of publishers passed and gone. And it appears they do want those of us who have books published with them to stay put, and not to sign on with other publishers who are offering to republish our books (at a price, of course). Though Tate Publishing has not yet come out with anything as concrete as a true offer, it would seem that they are planning to honor any commitments that have made. Hmm...

Being in a position to wait has got me in a position better than many. I can continue to work on book five (and book six), and  wait for my publisher to actually make an offer. Not having a deadline has both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that I can continue working on my writing "at my own pace," which is a good thing. The other advantage is that I presumably will not be out anything if they do keep their word, and eventually honor their commitment. The disadvantages are that you won't be able to see the end result for this uncertain period of time. And also the "not being on the clock" can have a deleterious effect on productivity - yet I hope one that is not extremely serious.

At least for the present time, I'll just keep working on Center Game, and we'll see how the next couple of months turn out.

And here are a few more photos for you to enjoy (and I have no intention of giving up on my photography either).

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How one's world gets turned on its head

Well, it seems that life just threw me a new wrinkle. After all the years with Tate Publishing, and their  questionable ethics, it seems that they are now "in transition." They offered no explanation, but said that their aim was to set up something whereby we, who have been Tate authors, were to be provided some sort of assurance that we would be cared for. Hmmm...

What I do know is that they are not publishing anything at all, and have left no phone number to contact them. They have given us statements that we may sign, which, in effect absolves them of any responsibility. I have not chosen to sign such a statement, for the simple reason that they do owe me money as well as rights to upcoming novels. I guess that I'll just have to find out where things are going from here. It might just be that they are planning to sell out, which would be fine as long as the new owners would make good on what I'm owed. But having been something of a cynic when it come to dealing with corporate entities, I'm not holding my breath.

Ah, well! On a brighter note, I do actually have a book signing event set up for March 11th, at the Rogers public library, 711 South Dixieland Road in rogers, from 10 AM till about 5 PM. I plan to sell what I can of the books in my possession, and besides, I'll have some of my photographic enlargements as well to sell. If you would like to see some of what I've got to sell in the way of photos, I've got a couple of examples here.

Friday, June 24, 2016

If at first you forget...

While I'm thinking about what tomorrow means, here are a couple more opportunities to get to know my books (or to get your friends acquainted with my oeuvre). I'm going to be at a couple more book signing type events in the next few weeks. The first of these is at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Rogers, Arkansas (in the shopping center, across from Lowe's) on Saturday, July 9th from about 12 Noon - 5 PM. This will be a great opportunity to get in out of the heat, to come by, to sit and schmooze, and to share what you like or dislike about books, the world at large and for me to just enjoy your very special company.
And the next opportunity is also in Rogers, AR, at the Rogers Public Library ( 711 S Dixieland) on Saturday, July 16th,  from about 10 AM to 4 PM, at their event, called Create-it Con.  This promises to be a rare and fun event for the entire family. If you need any more information you may obtain it online at: any event, I look forward to seeing you at one or both of the events.
Now just a word about what tomorrow brings. It will be the date in which I officially become a SENIOR CITIZEN.  That's right, I can no longer pretend to just be anybody, but I'll have to pretend to be someone who knows something, even if I can't remember what it is. It seems like a good thing that I know today what I may forget tomorrow...