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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What it takes

Now just as I was feeling discouraged about the marketing of my books, this happens...

What does?

Well, I'll get back to that.  It has been an exceedingly quiet week here in the land of publishing. I was told that on October 2nd, the day my second book was released, that my publisher sent out a barrage of news as to my new book now being available. And to say that this barrage was met with enthusiasm, would be the overstatement of the decade. This was, in fact, met with a whole lot of nothing. Which is what I'm getting to expect. When I got my 'marketing report' last week, I looked at the names of all the people, in all of the media, and realized what went into the electronic trash bins that day.

Not to be discouraged, I decided that it would be a good idea to follow-up on the above barrage with my own e-mail barrage to selected members of the media. I typed up a carefully worded introduction, and mentioned my books. This was met with a thunderous zero. Nothing. Not one acknowledgment of receipt of my carefully worded letter.

This whole business kind of reminded me of the reception my first book got from the publishers I sent it to - nothing.

"Ah well," I decided. "I'll just work on my sequel. Maybe get my my mind refocused."

And then two things happened. The first thing was that the audio version of my first book became available, which has been read by a very talented fellow at Tate Publishing. So, if you are so inclined, you may obtain an audio version of Laminar Flow.

And the next thing that happened is that I got a review (a really good review) of Coaptation on Amazon. This was really unexpected, and a breath of fresh air.

I guess this is what it takes to keep me going. And it really doesn't take very much.

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  1. Congratulations, you really deserve it. I should find some time to start reading more, would start definitely with your book.