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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still waiting for the 'big one'

I just got back from another conference/vacation. I was hoping to hear from my publisher while I was gone, but so far, nothing. Now, what I'm waiting for is the next step in publishing. Namely, the layout of Book Three (Turbulence and Restoration). That would just leave one more step toward the printing of Book Three in The Book of Drachma series - the final edit.

The reasons that I'm anxious to move along with this thing are several. The first is that Book Three is is the grand culmination of the whole Book of Drachma - it is the climax, and the grand revelation of all that Book One and Book Two lead the readers towards. And the second reason is that I'm just an impatient person - I would rather be doing something than waiting for someone else to be doing something, and besides, people keep asking when the third book is coming out. The third reason is that I've started a sequel, and would really like to concentrate on that.

I know that the machinery of the publishing world moves at its own (slow) pace, but right now it seems to have stalled. 

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