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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2nd, 2012

Well, tomorrow is October 2nd. And what, pray tell, is significant about that date?

Two things. The first is that it is the birthday of Tate Hasenclever, who turns 12, and becomes twice as old as his younger brother, Brooks, whom we are whisking off to Disney World next weekend. Now this will be Brooks' first ever ride in an airplane, and I think he's quite excited.

And the other thing. Well, it will be the release date of my second book - Coaptation, The Book of Drachma, Part Two. Which means that my book will be available to be purchased on-line at,  Barnes & Noble (,  Hastings Bookstore, etc.

And what, you may ask am I going to do to celebrate? I'm going to be spending a long day at work. I'm on call at Deaconess Hospital, and covering for one of my colleagues, who will be out of town. I think this calls for a big whoot-whoot, don't you?

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