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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kind of an up and down week.

Yes it's been that kind of a week, and I'm just a bit spent right now at the end of it. It began with a good feeling, and a trip to our dentist for a cleaning. And it was kind of invigorating to make contact with the folks in Chickasha, OK. Now why would we travel all the way back to Chickasha for dental care? Because it's really hard to find a good dentist in Edmond, and we've had some less than stellar experiences with new dentists - so we went back, and we reconnected, and sold a couple of books, and came away feeling pretty good.

Then I had my TV debut. And that whole thing would have been all right, except that they made me wait for an interminable time in the "green room" with others who were going to be on. And that experience made me nervous - so nervous, in fact, that I had to use the rest room twice while waiting. Those who watched the show said encouraging things to me afterward. But what impact did this have on sales of books? Zero. Although I did make friends with the girl who played the guitar, and who promised to come to one of my book signings.

So, at the end of this week, what did I learn? I learned that, unless your name is Tiger Woods, or that you write a book about someone named Tiger Woods, or that your book has already been made into a movie, that it's better to keep your day job.

But I do have sequels!


  1. You have been busy.

    And now you have been on tv. Sorry i couldn't watch it.

    Did you get a copy or have someone record it. If so you can put it on youtube or have someone put it there.

  2. I did get it recorded, and I may be able to get it on youtube - I know some folks who are pretty tech savvy that way.

  3. BTW, Alex, I am trying to get it on youtube, but you may go to, then click on Oklahoma Live, then near the bottom of the page, click on Lyn's clips. Then, if you scroll down, you can find Laminar Flow.

  4. I put it on G+. I hope you get it on youtube also. Thanks for finding it for me :)

  5. Thanks, Alex. Hope it's not too embarrassing.

    1. I thought it was a good interview. :)