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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More developments

Well, folks, now I've made it to the "big time." I've gotten my second book review - a very generous review by Diego Green on his blog, Demolishing the Block. I really recommend that you check out his blog anyway, as he has some wonderful stuff going on.

And now it appears that I'm going to be on TV. OK, so it's a local, Oklahoma television station, and the program is called Oklahoma Live, but it's still TV. I am going to interviewed about my book. The lady who does the interview seems rather nice, and not at all threatening. So, wish me luck.

And, to let you know, I've completed the editing of the second book (Coaptation), and I'm now working with the publisher on cover design. As I plan to keep the layout basically the same for this second book, maybe it won't be too long before you get to see it in print. And, from what preliminary feedback I've gotten, this second book will be better than the first book.

But the real killer will be the third book (Turbulence and Restoration). It has just gone to copy editing, and that phase should be done within the month. I'll keep you updated.

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