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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, it's really starting now.

Up until now, this whole book writing thing has been something of a fun exercise, and all the prerelease stuff has been kind of an enjoyable pastime. But starting this week it takes on a whole new dimension. This week I've got my first real book signing events at for-real bookstores, where they actually sell books, and where the bookstores actually can deal with my publisher to buy more books.

Along with this, my marketing guy at Tate Publishing, has run a blurb out to all the local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines (I didn't know there were so many in the Oklahoma City area), from which more TV shows, radio talk shows, and articles in print will be coming down the pike for me.

This is all just a little bit intimidating, and this may be the start of some loss of anonymity for me. And to think that you were here from the beginning, I guess that makes you somewhat special. For I tell you, that without your encouragement, my novel would probably still just be just a partly filled fantasy, sitting and gathering dust in my office.

And speaking of happenings - Book Two (Coaptation) is now looking for a cover design, and I will be working with the layout designer as well - so it is getting nearer to becoming a reality. Meanwhile we are working on an audio version of Laminar Flow. And fairly soon we'll be releasing TV ads to the networks. Add to that the fact that Part Three (Turbulence and Restoration) is now going through the process of copy editing. So things are moving right along with The Book of Drachma.

And on last thing - yes, I'm working on the (as yet unnamed) sequel. All this, and I've still got my day job.

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  1. Very exciting indeed, but yes, definitely intimidating. It's all moving so fast! Happy to know I can say I knew him when...