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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sticky Wicket

I'm at a difficult place in my dealings with my novel(s). Now that the first book is in print, and it's coming up close to its release date (March 27th), I find there are things that I would like to change in the first book. But it's too late. And even though I've got parts two and three yet to edit (or more truthfully, to work with the editor), I have to be very careful of what changes I make, as they might have a major impact on both what happens and what has already happened. Just thinking of where to end Book Two is one of those things. I could end it where I originally ended it, which would leave the readers in more of lurch than after the first book. Or I could incorporate the next three chapters, and then have to think up a new beginning to the third book.

Actually, though, I'm quite satisfied with how the first book came out, and the things that I'd like to change are very minor, and would not really affect the story - they might just affect the sequel (Book Four, and on...).

You see, the writing game is quite complex if you plan to produce something that continues what you've done already. It would be another thing altogether if I didn't love my characters. Then I could just drop them, and move on. But the truth is that I do love the characters I've created, and somehow, I feel 'obligated' to them and their stories. It sounds kind of silly, but they have taken up an extraordinary amount of my time and energy already, and I'm not done with them yet.

So, what I'm asking is quite simple. Would you as my faithful readers like to see more of these same characters, or should I just drop them and go on to other things? I've already dropped some hints in the few chapters I've posted so far.


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