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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An update

Well, I've done the major part of the editing on Part Two of The Book of Drachma (Coaptation). And let me tell you that I went back and forth in my own mind, but finally decided to end Part Two at the end of Chapter Forty Two. This move changes the original idea of the book as a whole, but it really is a more satisfying ending, and makes for an easy transition into Part Three. Now the Chapters will be numbered one through Twenty Two, with no epilogue for Part Two. It will be somewhat longer than Part One (around 91,000 words), but still less than Part Three.

Also, I've completed an epilogue to The Book of Drachma, which I do believe it needed, after the heaviness of the final few chapters. It has the effect of tying up some loose ends, and also brings back into the narrative some elements of my original design.

And let me tell you, that from the perspective of the author, as well as the feedback from my few readers - Part Two will be better than Part One, and Part Three even better yet.

So, keep reading!


1 comment:

  1. Very interesting, I'll have to go back and read through those last chapters of Book II to see how that arrangement changes the feel of story.

    If you'll still have it, I want to try and take this weekend to write something up for Coaptation.