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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yet another word from the author.

Now, my dear readers, I am getting ready to post Chapter Forty Four Friday evening. Now, I do know that the chapters in this latest segment have been a bit "dry"so far, but that is soon to change. The characters become a bit more involved in each other's dealings, and take on new roles.
I still appreciate any and all comments.
And Barncuddy still serves the best ale anywhere.


  1. Still catching up Drachma, the copious amounts of reading I must do for university classes dominates much of my free time I'm afraid. Where I'm at though, the story is definitely gathering steam, I will only say that I have not yet figured out what the connection is between the two storylines.

    I must say though that I feel awkward leaving comments on long ago posted chapters though.

  2. That is definitely OK with me. After all, it is still not a finished deal (not yet).