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Saturday, August 26, 2017

After the arrests...

Well, now what?

After the arrests of my publisher and his son, who were running the Tate publishing enterprise, it would appear as though I've got to find another avenue for my own (four) books to get published. And so, it looks as though self publishing would be the most expeditious venture for me. After all, I've been through the tough part, and now it seems as though there are still those of you out there who still do want to read my books - so for you, mainly, this is just to let you know that I will be publishing again, under the name of Drachma Publishing. As to when we are going to launch, the date has not been set yet, but it should be soon, and I will announce it - here as well as elsewhere.

Now even though Tate Publishing does owe me money (roughly $4000 in goods and services), I have decided not to pursue legal action against them. And besides that my chances of recovering the money seem exceedingly slim. And so, I'll let bygones be forever in the past.

What I am doing is to keep the cover designs on the four published books, and revamping the inside stuff, and you will be able to get (initially) three books, at a fraction of the cost that Tate would have charged, and you can buy them either in paperback or ebook format. And besides that, look for enticing giveaways.

Now what has happened with the whole Hollywood thing? What I did, in conjunction with a producer, was to put together a proposal for a TV show based (somewhat loosely) on my story. It's still out there, and is still a viable entity. However, my suspicion is that it may get more "press" after I launch my new effort. We'll have to see how that all plays out.

Anyway, have a terrific day, and for your enjoyment, I've included a photo from our latest venture to Alaska.

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