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Monday, April 22, 2013

The winds of change?

I've had a good couple of weeks to ponder what may be the inevitable. And my own conclusions are just those - my own conclusions.

If you recall my last post, it was something of a bitter pill which I was trying to swallow - the fact that my own attempts within the world of publishing seemed to be meeting with little success beyond the borders of Oklahoma City/Edmond, where I live and work. And even within these confines, what success I had experienced early on was now little more than a warm memory, kind of like the coffee to which I referred.

If you now add to the mixture some tremors from my day job as a physician. It seems that the hospital I thought I worked for really doesn't exist as its own entity - it is all part of a larger, nationwide corporation which bestows some "life" to its little entities, while sucking the actual life out of all the little hospitals which it owns. It now seems that the behemoth in Tennessee, generally referred to as "corporate" by our own hospital administration, has decided that all physician salaries are to be determined by RVUs (relative value units), on some sort of grand design made by the even more frightening beast called Medicare. Now it seems to me that the absurdity of the RVU as a basis for the salaries paid to hospitalists (who have absolutely no control over their own level of busyness) got lost, as the powers that be can only say that "corporate" is making us do this. And who, may I ask, is responsible for every last dollar and cent that you, as administrators make? You certainly don't EARN any of it.

Now this is driving me very rapidly toward retirement! I am left to ponder, with what energy I still have, "do I really want to do this anymore?" With my grandkids in Arkansas (and Iowa), and our missing out on some of their important growing up kind of stuff, retirement seems to be an increasingly appealing entity. If only...

Which brings me back to the world of publishing, and its frustrations. Now, I know in my own heart, that what I have written, and what has so far been published, is a rousing good tale, and sometime after I'm bringing up daisies, someone will discover that. But for now, at least, it's just one rather large migraine.

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