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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a week it's going to be!

This is going to be a memorable week for me. The first thing is that this is the week that my third book, Turbulence and Restoration, gets released. Now those of you who have gotten hold of my third book have gotten it before is has become available to the masses. On Tuesday, March 12, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, etc. will be able to sell the third book on their internet sites. Now what this really means depends on many factors that I have no control over, and truly is up to all of you. This could be the beginning of something special, or could just be a big nothing. Now that the entire Drachma trilogy is available, and this is what I set out to bring you from the beginning, the stakes are higher. If you did enjoy the trilogy, then tell your friends and colleagues about the books, and where they may be obtained, then sit back and watch. And if there is enough noise, the local bookstores might even begin to stock the books upon their shelves. And from then, who knows...

The second thing is that I'm going to start book signings in a big way. I'm starting small, and limited, with a book signing event at The Fountains at Canterbury on Tuesday. Then Hastings next month, and then others to follow. But I'll still need your help, with the publicity, and just getting the word out. And if you have any suggestions at all, no matter how  trivial, I'll certainly take them seriously. Now, I'll have specials, and I'll still have my books for sale at the hospital gift shops, but these things cannot compare with the effects that your word of mouth can have.

And the third thing is a bit more trivial, but still significant for me. That would be my own dental work this week. I have to get a root canal and crown (whoopie!). And that means going off my Coumadin for several days, and it means I'll be out of commission for a day. Ah, well, maybe I can just concentrate on writing the sequel.

Take care this week!

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