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Sunday, March 31, 2013

This is something new for me.

Next Saturday, April 6th, promises to be something special, and very different for me. Now on the surface, it's just another book signing. But beneath that exterior, it has the promise to be so much more. When my publicist at Tate set me up for a book signing at the Credo House coffee shop, I called the location to talk to the manager, someone named Tim Kimberly. At first I had trouble making a connection, but eventually I was able to talk with Tim, and on the phone, he exuded none of the pretense that I had come to expect, rather, he seemed very genuine, and so, I told him that I'd come by with a poster or two to announce the upcoming event.

When I found the place, it was nothing like I expected. It was, indeed, a coffee shop, and let me tell you that if you want the VERY BEST coffee in the OKC area, you owe it to yourself to stop by. I haven't had that kind of coffee since my college days, when the Himmel Haus, near Goshen, Indiana was in business - now don't get me started. But let me tell you, that was not what really hit me, despite my coffee snob tendencies. What got to me was that this place exuded both confidence and camaraderie that I found hard to describe, and harder to forget.

Now I should just mention a bit about the Credo House, and what its mission is, but let me tell you what happened when I got back home. I need to mention that one of my facebook (and Google +, as well as Goodreads) friends from over in Scotland, had inadvertently turned me on to a certain website, called The Poached Egg, which is a website devoted to Christian apologetics, something that has intrigued me for many years (since college), and when I got home, I turned on my computer, and there was an email from The Poached Egg, which I then opened up, and I was reading along, when I noticed that the author was one of the persons whom I had just met (briefly) at the Credo House. Now this was really something that I just couldn't attribute to coincidence, no matter how I tried.

Credo is the Latin for "I believe," and which forms the beginning of the statement of faith, found in the ancient Catholic mass, and has materialized into all the creeds of the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox faiths, essentially unchanged for 1600 years. And it is this which the Credo House offers, besides a great cup of coffee. A place to talk, debate, and wrangle over what it is that we really believe. And lest you think that they are a church, they are not, merely a vehicle for the open discussion of matters of faith. Now, they have produced books, as well as CDs from their very well educated members, and you can find them, as well as what they have produced on their website ( And don't worry, they are not going to hit you over the head with anything - they are just there, for anyone who is interested.

So, then, what is it that makes this date so different? It is simply that I'm walking into something just a bit more powerful, and potentially more meaningful than just a mere book signing.

And happy Easter to all of you.

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