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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Success, though modest...

I need to report (though I have no idea why) some modest success, in the arena of new author, new book.

I just had a book signing event at a local bookstore. It was at Hastings Book Store in Yukon (yes, Yukon), Oklahoma. Even though I didn't sell a large number of books, I did manage to sell all but one copy of the books that the store bought from my publisher. And while there, I did manage to interest people in the project, and actually sold one copy to one of the employees. Now, how does that translate into success?

Well, based on what has not happened in the last month, I would say that any activity is better than none. And now, with my second volume about to be published, and the third volume undergoing the process of editing, I am happy to report that success, though modest, should continue.

And here is the trailer that the publisher told me would be hitting the airwaves, on national broadcast channels such as the History Channel, MSNBC, The Cooking Network, ESPN, etc.

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  1. Sounds like success to me. You are generating interest and that can never be a bad thing. As you say, any activity beats none at all.