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Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's happening with The Book of Drachma

To those of you who want to know, the second volume is now nearly ready for printing, and may be out (prerelease) sometime in July. Now the second volume (Coaptation) will be a significantly different work from the first volume. It tells of Judy's and Bob's travails as they find themselves both in Shepperton, and their attempts to get across the snowy, mountainous place that Shepperton represents, toward the castle, and to get back into each other's lives.

But here we now have villains, as well as plagues to contend with. Some more about Tom, Craycroft, Rust, Falma, Reordan, and, of course Drachma himself are yet to be revealed. And what of Bob's wife back 'home'? And  have we heard the last of Carlo Vincente?

And here is a sneak peek at the cover design for Coaptation, Part Two of The Book of Drachma

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