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Thursday, January 5, 2012

An update

This is to let you know, dear and faithful readers, just what is happening in the world of Drachma and the publishing empire.

Laminar Flow, The Book of Drachma, Part One is now available, as noted, via the publisher's web site (, under books, then either search by author or title. But the bigger news is that a date has been set of March 27th, 2012 for the book to go public, on, Barnes & Noble and other national distributors. Now, if you want it in your local bookstores, you may want to make some noise about that time, as bookstores only want to sell books that they think their public will buy. It will be available both as a real book, and also available as an ebook.

And lastly, I want to tell you that I'm still working on the sequel, and should have the next chapter online by either this weekend on by Monday.


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