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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The GIFT of music

To those of you out there, who may or may not be celebrating Christmas this year, at least I hope that music is part of your season of celebration.

What got me thinking about all this was that I received a wonderful present for Christmas from my son, a book entitled The Music Instinct, by Philip Ball, in which he describes how our brains behave in response to music, and how we move and sway to music, how we emote to music, and how ALL human cultures have music. But what he has trouble with is trying to find the (historic and otherwise) origins of music. Now I don't have trouble with this, because I believe that music is a true GIFT, given by our creator, which defies attempts to explain away its significance in our lives, and the lives of all who have come before us.

In this season of gift-giving and gift receiving, I would ask you to give yourselves a small gift - to take one of those pieces of music that you hold especially dear, and to sit and listen to it, sing or dance to it, let it do its magic to you and then think about it. Then think about the world without music, and ask yourselves about the origin of music.




  1. What an excellent post for the Holidays Tim, thank you. I can not seem to imagine a world without music.

    I wish you and yours a lovely season and a very bright new year ahead!

    Salut mon ami!

  2. I love music ♥

    Hope your Holidays are bright and beautiful.The New Year is next, i am making resolutions to keep :)

  3. Thank you, friends. Your endearing comments do keep me going.

  4. Music is one of the major inspirational forces in my life and in my work, I don't know where I'd be without it. Thank you for this post Drachma, music certainly is a gift that few are able to create but all are able to enjoy.

    p.s. I attempted to send you some feedback through email but the message bounced back, claiming your inbox was full!

  5. Yes, I've been having some trouble with that email lately, and, of course, it's a long weekend. But You may use my alternate email, which is:

  6. What would we do without music?

    Wish you much fulfillment and happiness in the new year :)