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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To my faithful readers

As many of you now know, The Book of Drachma is being published, as a trilogy. The first part I took down some months ago, in anticipation of being published, but it will resurface as a book in print (I don't yet know the release date). I have been told that I should be able to sell copies of it around Christmas, but that might precede the release date for general distribution. I will certainly let you know these dates as I get them.
Now, that brings me to Part Two, which will be going through the same editing process as Part One, and so, I will be taking down Part Two sometime in the next two weeks. So, if you're reading along, and need to catch up, you've got a couple of weeks...
And finally, Part One is now with the cover design people, who have contacted me to get my ideas on how to present TBOD in a favorable light. And it is also with the multimedia department - things are getting close.



  1. Well I'm glad I just finished Part 2 then. All very exciting though. Should start to work on reading Part 3 before it goes away too, huh?

  2. Yeah, Diego, that was a fairly broad hint - you've definitely got time, though.