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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Words from the author

Dear readers,
Well, I've come to yet another milestone, in my pursuit  of the title of "novelist." That would be the completion of The Book of Drachma. Yes, the whole, long, three volume thing. With now the first two volumes off to the publisher. And with my recent completion of Part Three (around 300 pages and >100,000 words - my word counter lost its ability to count that far), I've got to decide what to pursue next. Of course, I could just concentrate on my day job, but with the government increasingly stepping in, and telling me how to do it, that is getting increasingly frustrating.
And I'm not yet ready to begin the sequel, though that is definitely in the works for the future. I might just give a rest to this whole blogging thing. Or I might just blog about related topics, such as the editing process.
I'll let you know...


  1. I read the Chapter you sent me and replied via email.
    I hope you don't give the Blogging business a rest. If you need to take a break, then it's your call. I honestly believe your writing is awesome and inspiring.

  2. I second that. Stay blogging friend. And I swear I'm going to get serious about finishing your novel!

    Congrats on finishing, that must be an excellent feeling of accomplishment, one that I hope to feel myself one day.

  3. I guess that my own particular "need to blog" may end up taking precedence over other factors. Though I may not be putting out new chapters of fiction (I haven't decided yet about the last two chapters, which I've written, but not posted), I will certainly be keeping in touch. There are, after all, numerous blogs out there...