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Thursday, August 4, 2011

From the Author

To my dear readers,
Here, at long last is Chapter Sixty One, which is a big chapter, and one that may not make much sense unless you were familiar with what has gone on to date. We are getting very near the end of the book, and I felt it was time for certain things to come to light.
The scene opens on the brink of a dinner party to be hosted by Craycroft, and attended by many of the principles, and it involves their own stories, and involves books - well, not just books...


  1. Indeed, Psycho. I expected nothing less.
    The editing process (on Part One) seems to be moving right along, and has been keeping me busy of late. And I need to point out that Part Two will be coming down shortly - probably in the next month or so. So, if you're behind...