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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Word on what's Coming.

Now, before I post any more, let me assure you that the final segment in the Book of Drachma is about ready to be posted, just look under your Christmas Tree on December 25th.
This final part will be the culmination of what has happened thus far, with all your favorite characters being represented, and a few new characters to be added.
There are several lines to follow.
One line is, "what of this illness? Can there be anything done, and what is it anyway?"
Another line is, "what about Craycroft and his newly appointed post? Are there any challengers worthy of his seat? And what of the council, and of Reordan, and what does he really want?"
And then there is Antoine LeGace. "What is he really doing, and who is he anyway, and why is he so dangerous?"
And, of course there is Tom, presently hiding out in Drachma's camp. "What is his future?"
And, naturally, "what of Bob, and Judy? can they really be healers here in this old world?"
And finally, "who is Drachma, really, and what about The Book of Drachma?"
There may be more questions that open up in the final book, so I really wouldn't be surprised to find another series in the making.

Merry Christmas, and happy reading to all.

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