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Monday, December 13, 2010

To my readers, again

Well, I have gotten some feedback, both here, and from talking with some of my readers face to face.
As to the question of too much medical jargon, I'm afraid that will just have to stand as is. I just could not write about what a physician feels, and how he/she thinks without the jargon. It is how we look at the world of medicine, and it would be just a bit condescending, if not deceiving, to put it any other way. So, I may attract a few less in readership, but I think I'll keep my self respect.

As to the other question. I have definitely decided that The Book of Drachma could and probably should be in three separate sections (Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres). So, the first section will be titled:  The Book of Drachma, Part One. Laminar Flow. The second part will be:  The Book of Drachma, Part Two.  Coaptation. And the third section will be:  The Book of Drachma, Part Three. Turbulence and Restoration.

That is, until someone comes up with a reason not to do that. Be certain, I am feverishly writing the final section, and keep tuned. Christmas is just around the corner.

As always, your feedback is seriously appreciated, and devoured.


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  1. I know what I said about the medical jargon but I honestly think your decision is for the best - if that is the perspective you're writing from and that's the audience you wish to reach then, of course, keep doing what you're doing.