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Friday, March 5, 2010

Official Welcome

Dear Friends,

Well, I’ve just made my official entry into the twenty first century. After considerable trepidation, this is my first (and perhaps last) entry into the blogging world. What happened to persuade me to do this foolish thing?

I figured that I had something of a unique perspective on this matter. You see, I am a practicing physician, trained in some fairly prestigious modern institutions. Furthermore, I come from a long line of physicians (approximately seven generations, as nearly as we can tell), and besides, I grew up in India, where my father was a medical missionary (my mother was a missionary nurse), and I had the opportunity growing up to witness first hand what third world medicine was, and was not.

Besides all that, one of the students at the boarding school I attended, has become a best selling author, while another one (in my class of thirty) has gone on to not only write, but to win a Pulitzer prize. So, in essence, I was primed, and I began to write a fantasy novel, with a deep bow of apology to Steve Donaldson.

In any event, what started with enthusiasm (as well as love), got put onto the “back burner”, in part related to changes in computer systems. Now, however, I have run out of excuses, and so you, my dear friends, have become the testing ground. Please bear in mind that some of the details are, by necessity, dated to practice in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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