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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some decisions I've got to make.

What I've been doing of late (besides my day job, which is quite time consuming, and my writing the fifth book in the Drachma Trilogy) is working with a producer to prepare my work for a possible television series. This has been a bit of an emotional ride for me. And let me tell you why.

The whole idea of my medical/fantasy novel began with a vision, back in 1989. At that time I had envisioned a fairly large-scale epic story, unlike anything that was out there (albeit the idea of a time-traveling physician was not new). But what would set this story apart was its medical accuracy, and its realistic portrayal of the emotions and reactions of its protagonists. So I began to write it down, using my new Amiga computer with its word processor. I did work rather feverishly and obsessively on this project, and the first portion of the story (what eventually became the first book in the series) was completed. By now I had developed attachments to my characters and to their worlds.

But then my own world intervened, and in the process of moving, changing computer systems, and changing jobs, my novel just sat in my office, in a folder labeled "Tim's Novel" from 1990 until 2009. It was not forgotten, and the characters remained real in my own mind at least, when I casually mentioned to one of the women who worked in my office that I had written the beginnings of a novel, and was thinking of incorporating into a blog. She offered to transcribe it into a word-compatible system - and so it was resurrected. And now under the name of The Book of Drachma, the words and emotions of this whole experience again took on new and vivid imagery.

The first trilogy next became a printed reality (the publisher insisted that it should be a trilogy), as The Book of Drachma (Laminar Flow, Coaptation, Turbulence and Restoration) developed something of its own following. But for me (and apparently others out there), the characters became real, and as one person said "they have become family." So, I have now published the first volume of the second trilogy (Heir of Drachma, Book One - The Healer's Defense), and am in the midst of the next book (Center Game), which will be published sometime this year.

Now, along the way, multiple people have asked, "When is the movie coming out?" And my own response (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) has been that I would rather see it as a television series than as a movie. And now, through a series of circumstances, I do have the opportunity to present to "Hollywood" my proposal for a TV series. I have been working with a producer on this project, and she has some suggestions to make it more appealing to the television world. And these suggestions included changes in the character and temperament of some of "my own children." As well as the change in "the present" to be more current (to include cell phones and texting). Well, my own "compromiseometer" only goes so far, and I'm having some trouble with this.

Well, we haven't reached full agreement yet - and I guess that I'll keep you all posted!

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