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Friday, September 25, 2015

What are they telling me?

I'm about to begin another busy season with my book writing/book selling thing. My next book signing is a week away - October 3, 1 - 3 PM at Barnes & Noble in Rogers, AR. And what am I doing to prepare for this? Well, I'm listening very intently. Listening to what my characters are trying to tell me. Why?

I'll let you in on a secret - that the characters in The Book of Drachma, everyone - from Bob, Judy, Craycroft, LeGace, Drachma and Tom, down to the likes of Wheezer, Clarice, and Jeremy - all of them have got things to tell me. It's a strange process, this creating of a fantasy world. And as I bring you their tales, I learn some amazing things along the way. Things that I never consciously thought about, but to them very deep and meaningful things. And even though I've got the outline in my head of what will happen, the journey is one which we make together. The creative process is for me a process of discovery, and if I told you that I know what all of my characters are going to be doing along the way, I'd be lying.

It's that which I plan to bring with me to the book signings, for the events I regard as occasions to celebrate their lives as well as ours. And for your information, I am in the middle part of the fifth book in the series, which I am (so far) calling Center Game. And as the plot thickens, and as the characters interact with each other, my own interaction with my devoted followers becomes so much more important.

So, I hope to see some of you there (and I'll have all four volumes for sale):

Barnes & Noble, in Rogers, AR Oct 3, from 1 - 3 PM (or whenever the store gets tired of me)
Rogers Public Library, Rogers, AR, Oct 17, from 1 - 3 PM

And then, in December I'll be going to NYC for more book signings - details yet to come!

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