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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Release Date

For those of you who might have a passing interest, I would note that the release date for Heir of Drachma, Book One - The Healer's Defense has now been set. It will be released to the world of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine online bookstores May 19, 2015.

You might, however, just want to get your hands on a copy before that. You may do that by going to the publisher's site at:
The other way you can get your hands on a copy before the release date would be to find me at one of my upcoming book signings, which, though they have not yet been scheduled, will likely be sometime in April, starting in the Oklahoma City area, and then in the NW Arkansas area - then who knows?

Anyway, I'm excited to bring you the beginning of the next trilogy!

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