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Monday, January 19, 2015

Where things are right now

This is the beginning of a much needed week off for me. I have been working too many hours, for too many days - and now I can "relax" and concentrate on what is becoming my own obsession.

Now don't get me wrong. I do love my work, or at least that part of it that involves real human beings. I love hearing their stories, interacting with them, and helping them heal. But what I don't like, and in fact, rather detest, is that portion of my job which involves computers - billing, coding, and documenting - so that somewhere, somehow, someone can get paid for the work that I do. And it is this stuff that tires me out. It is what drains me of my enjoyment, and leaves me numb and exhausted at the end of a 100+ hour stretch of days. And I really do need these days off.

Writing has become more than my own hobby. It has become my therapy. It is therapeutic for me to tell stories (or more precisely for my characters to tell me their stories, which I write down for posterity). Now whether the story-telling is any good becomes a secondary concern. And I am not the one to judge that aspect of my writing. That is for the greater population of readers - you folks. I do try to follow the dictates of "good writing," but I'm quite certain I fail as much as I succeed. But still there are the stories. Those of Craycroft and Robert, of Alex and Diego, of Judy, Tom and Melchior, and Marilyn and Charlie - so many interrelated individuals, caught up in this maelstrom of conflicting times and expectations, of emotions and disaster. And so far, I've only gone partway with this tale-telling.

I do know that there are many of you out there who would "like to know how this all works out." and it is for you that I do keep on. And for you there is some good news - I have just sent back to the publisher my final edits on Heir of Drachma, book one, The Healer's Defense. But one word of warning - it is book four of six, and so it leaves much to be answered, in books five and six. And I'll tell you that I'm actively working on book five (Center Game).

So, putting it all in perspective, what I can tell you is that I would like to make a living as a writer, but realistically, I do know that I'll still be doing my day job, as a physician, for the next several years - and I'll keep trying to enjoy it, between the sessions of yelling (sometimes silently, sometimes not) at the computers which steal my joy.

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