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Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I write the way I write

What is it about my writing style that some like, and others do not? The simple answer is that we all have different tastes—some like a lot of action, some like romance, some like mystery, some like political intrigue, some like their fantasy laced with dragons, demons, vampires, and others like erotica. There are books to fill all of those niches, and I'll admit to liking multiple types and genres of books.

But what about my own style? What is it that makes me want to put it down on paper (or nowadays on the screen)? To tell you the truth, it's the characters themselves. They make me do it!

It started off as a simple enough idea. What makes a doctor or nurse do what he/she does, day in and day out? And how about those from ages ago —was it the same for them? It is obviously not about the money, because there is not enough money out there to make someone get up at 3 AM, in a winter storm to care for his desperately ill patient. It's got to be more than money. And it is...

It was simple ideas such as that which got me going on the start of The Book of Drachma. But it was really the characters themselves which kept it going to the end. That, and all the mystery, political intrigue, romance, etc. But then I found that my characters were still needing to speak—so I've started the next series.

And who are these characters? They are bits of you and me, and your family and neighbors. They are based (very loosely) on people whom I've gotten to know through the years, some living, some gone, but all of them real (including the evil ones). And to tell you another bit of truth, I do not know ahead of time what they're going to do or say. And so that is, in essence, why I write what I write—because I want to know, too.

And a word of thanks goes out to all of you who have encouraged me to keep on writing. And my wife thanks you as well, for it keeps me out of her kitchen!

For those of you who might be keeping track, I have completed the editing phase of Heir of Drachma, Book One—The Healer's Defense, and I've sent a copy to my own personal "editor" for another pair of eyes. And this means that I should have copies for sale within three months or so—probably not for Christmas, but sooner than I anticipated.

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