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Monday, October 6, 2014

Heir of Drachma, Book One - The Healer's Defense

I've now done it (again). And I intend to do it a minimum of two times more.

What I have done is to complete my next novel, and get it published. In something of a final burst of energy, I was able to finish what I had originally referred to as "Book Four." It was the start of a new series, based on my first trilogy, The Book of Drachma. For many months I really had doubts about whether I would even get this far, yet somehow, little by little, I did it. And my newly finished book has been sent to the publisher. The title of my new trilogy is Heir of Drachma, and the first book in the series is called The Healer's Defense. That is, unless the publisher wants to change the title (which I doubt).

The prologue to the new series is a retelling of what went on in the first trilogy, so that everyone can get their bearings. But the first chapter introduces some colorful new characters, including Diego and Alexandra (Alex), in a scene that is stormy, and fast-moving. The second chapter takes us back to the late twentieth century, and to Marilyn and Charlie, but also we get to meet one from the "old time," the earl of Shepperton. It isn't until Chapter Three that we are reintroduced to many of our main characters from the first series, including Melchior, Hermes, Eustace, Bob, Craycroft, Judy and Jeanne, and now we're off on a new adventure, with new (and old) heroes, villains, and those along for the ride!

I have really enjoyed this outpouring of imagination, and setting the stage for even more drama, pathos, and mysteries in the books yet to come. And I'll keep you posted on how things are going with the first book in the new series.

And just in case you haven't gotten to read my first trilogy, it is available on, Barnes & Noble (, Hastings, and other online sites, and is available in four formats, including paperback, Hardcover, e-book and audiobook. And, believe me, you'll have time to read through the first trilogy before the second one starts to come out.


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