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Friday, June 6, 2014

A great literary contest

Now that the hardcover editions of The Book of Drachma (all three books) have hit the market (, among others), I have decided that it is time that I had a bit of a contest. Yes - a contest with prizes!

Are these prizes worth anything at all? But of course - in US Dollars the prizes are worth roughly $85 each. But that is only the face value, not the actual value to you as a literary and intelligent being.

All right then what are these prizes?

Third Prize: A handsome signed first edition copy of The Book of Drachma (hardcover, of course)

Second Prize: A copy of the same, plus a role in the sequel (now sixteen chapters, and growing toward completion of the first of another trilogy).

First Prize: A signed first edition copy of The Book of Drachma, and along with that, you get to be in the upcoming sequel as a major character (or you may designate someone else in your place, if you choose). Plus, you will get recognition on my acknowledgment page (your name in print - for all time).

What do I have to do to enter?

The contest begins now, and will go through July 4th. All Winners will be announced after that long holiday weekend. Now to enter the contest, you will need to send a reply to this blog (in the comments section), in which you explain which of the myriad characters in The Book of Drachma most closely resembles you, or the one that you would most like to represent in the "movie," and why. BTW, you may obtain ebook versions of my trilogy at or Barnes & Noble (, but they won't be the same as getting the real thing, signed by the author.

You may send me your snail mail address as an e-mail to:  if you plan on winning ;)

Now I really hope that you will have fun with this little contest.


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