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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Edmond Book Club

This week has been kind of special for me, and it was capped off Thursday evening by my attending the Edmond Book Club.

Now, I was asked last year if I would  speak to them about my book, which, at that time consisted of only one volume of The Book of Drachma. My first volume (Laminar Flow) had been released, and the other two were still being edited. I readily agreed to do this, as I was eager to get the word out.

Since that time, of course, my second volume (Coaptation) has since been released, and my third volume has become available (though not released until March 12th). And as the time came for me to be the speaker, what I found out was that the folks at the Edmond Book Club really just wanted me to talk about my first book. In essence, to give a verbal summary of the plot, and then open it up for a question and answer period.

Do you know how hard that is for me to do? To talk about just the first volume, and not to give the readers even so much as a hint of what was to come? Let me tell you this was very hard for me. In part because the first volume is something of an introduction to the characters, the scenes and the action. The second volume starts off the real action of the story, and the third volume is both the conflagration and the resolution of the whole mess.

But I did just what I promised I'd do, though my talk was spiced up a bit by my telling of how I got started with my writing, and how it went into deep hibernation, only to be revived again in later years. And I also mentioned how, as a physician, I had been disillusioned by the portrayal of medicine in the lay media. And I did manage to keep the persons in attendance (all 75 or so persons) awake, despite this being after a fine meal. In any event, the whole thing turned out to be something of a success, and I'm glad I did it.

Somehow, I thought that I could hear old Paracelsus smiling his encouragement, realizing that I was not going to jail over any of this.

And for any of you who might be wondering, I'm still actively working on the sequel(s). You may catch a glimpse of the sequel at

Great reading, my friends!

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