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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kind of an eventful week...

This has been a week to remember, as far as my efforts at becoming a "well-known-author" are concerned. Now, last week I got the first copies of the third book of my trilogy. This was the culmination of my years of effort in the world of writing. And now here it was, the completion of The Book of Drachma, in three volumes (Laminar Flow, Coaptation, Turbulence and Restoration). Even though I had written the whole trilogy by 2011, I had the process of publishing to keep me humble. But in the span of a year, the three books were published, and now here they were.

So, I kind of took a deep breath, and looked toward a week of some adventure, with three book signings in the works, as well as preparations for upcoming events which included presentations to the Edmond Book Club, my wife's book club, and my own senior physician's (old fart's) book club. Then, I was on call Wednesday, which meant that I would have Thursday as my post call day, which can be at least as brutal as call days. And this Thursday was every bit as brutal as expected. So, I was busy sorting through the medical problems of of my admissions from the night before, trying desperately to get ready for the book signing event that afternoon, when I got a call from one of the TV stations, saying that they were expecting me there by 1:20 PM. What???

I was not even aware that a TV appearance was in the works. It turns out that said TV time was arranged by my publisher's director of marketing, but I was not, unfortunately, kept in the loop. So, now I really had to hustle. I had to call and reschedule my book signing (easier, and less painful to do than rescheduling TV time). I had to email some talking points to the people at the TV station, as well as call my publisher and have them email copies of my book covers to the station. And what about my patients? As it turns out, I've got some wonderful partners who agreed to look after my patients, and to keep things going at another of the hospitals I serve, so that I could go be "a TV star."

As it turned out, my brief TV appearance turned out OK, according those who watched it. (If you want to see it, you may go to my facebook page, or just type in , then look up Oklahoma Live, and then under "snippets" go to Medical Fantasy Trilogy) And I made it back to the hospitals, got my patients sorted out, and went home exhausted.

Well, then, I posted my little bit of TV exposure on facebook, and things started happening. I started getting texts from friends and relatives, who had seen my snippet. And then I went back to work, had my book signing today, and came home to a fine meal with my wife. And when I looked at my statistics on, I noticed that, instead of being in the 4 - 6 millionth on amazon's list, my two books were suddenly in the 100 - 200 thousand bracket. Hmm... I really don't know what to make of all this yet, but it's at least a very promising sign.

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