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Monday, September 17, 2012

Holding pattern, again

I now feel that I'm on hold in the publishing world. I can almost hear the sounds of canned music at the other end of my ephemeral phone line.

Let me explain.

As opposed to the last time I blogged, there is now a whole lot of nothing going on with The Book of Drachma. I am currently in wait mode. As I indicated, the daunting task of editing Book Three (Turbulence and Restoration) is now done. I am now waiting, rather impatiently for the publisher to send me on to the next phase, which will be layout, part one. It will be during this phase, that I get to look over the general appearance of the new book, and offer suggestions. This should be short lived, as basically, I want it to look like the first two. And as I have no illustrations or photographs, no graphs, tables etc. it should be easy and painless. Then after that there is the final edit copy, in which I get a copy of the book to look over, and to make any final suggestions, and to correct any final typos, etc.

Meanwhile I have been working on the audio version of Book One and Two. Book One, Laminar Flow, in its audio version, is now complete, and should become available by the end of this month. And here I need to make a slight aside. You see, the fellow that was doing the reading of Laminar Flow discovered something that I thought was well hidden, and which I had never mentioned to anyone. It has to do with the Fibonacci Sequence. Ah well, even the best kept secrets...

Anyway, working on the audio version of Book Two has now stalled, thanks to the internet and servers, which are "down."

I'll begin again the process of book signings, TV appearances, etc. after the release date for Book Two (Coaptation), which is October 2nd. I am ready.

And one final note as to book sales. For quite a few weeks, I was looking at the stuff on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and there was nothing happening. Both sites had the same number of books available, and there appeared to be very little, if anything happening. Then suddenly last week, the books were disappearing from their shelves, and now they're in short supply. Now this was just after I had gotten a very favorable review on Amazon, but was also shortly after the barrage of of TV spots hit the air. I wonder.

And as to the yet unnamed sequel - I'm still working on that.


  1. Darn now I have to read Laminar Flow again to satisfy my mathematical mind. :P

    Looking forward to the 3rd!

    RJ :)

    1. But you know, I'll never tell. But just a hint: The prologue was written later.