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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just asking.

To my dear readers,
It has been brought to my attention, by several readers, that I "just can't leave them hanging" at the end of Chapter Fifty One. I would be curious to see if others feel this same way.
I do have more written...



  1. Dear Drachma,

    I started so late that I dont have the privilege of following your chapters weekly. I am waiting for your book to be published in 3 parts so that I can read each part cover to cover.Will they be available in India? If not, no worries, I can still arrange to get a copy. In fact, I am determined to get a copy ASAP.

    I read in a comment in Cayman's blog that you had started your novel 20 years back, then left it for so many years in between. This fascinated me & I am more than ever determined to read. i have had a glimpse at it from time to time but since it was out of context of the entire storyline, I dared not comment.

    You are an inspiration to me Drachma, and I am sure to many others. Cheers!

  2. Dear Just Me, I am an inspiration? I really haven't felt like one lately. Right now, I'm just trying to get the third part finished, and working with the publisher on editing. But I thank you for your vote of confidence.
    Yes, the books should be available world-wide through at the very least, and other on-line sites, where you can order the books (the real books, as well as e-books). I'll let you know more as I find out more.